Dark Rift

by Ascetic Hedonism



A descent into a world devoid of light; gripped by the cold and unforgiving aura of the unknown. Space and time distorted beyond recognition. This is the odyssey into the Dark Rift, where life and death converge into one; the origin which all must return. Deep drones, cavernous murmurs, and the ritualistic sounds of sacrifice lead to an otherworldly transcendence.

Released on Occult Supremacy Productions, Dec. 2012.


"Opening with the sound of ritualistic wailing and waves of lightless hypnotic drone that make up "Descent", this obscure outfit slowly unfurls a sprawling subterranean soundscape filled with death-chant whispers and blasts of distorted funerary horn, sheets of gleaming dark electronics and lush low-end synth, distant cries that echo endlessly throughout the winding passageways and cobwebbed chambers of Dark Rift. Throughout the album, horns are pulled apart into ghoulish moans, and distant wailing voices are transformed into smears of glacial agony. The track "Devoid Of Light" features arrhythmic pulses beneath gusts of ghastly moan and orchestral drift, a kind of abstract electronica draped in deformed French horn blasts and dank oubliette atmosphere, and on "As The Bladed Ball Spins" the creepy ghoulish ambience is disturbed by the echoing pound of drums and ringing metallic reverberations. "Rattling Of The Cold" is a grim symphonic murmur, washes of muted glacial strings suspended above dank dripping dungeon ambience, dripping water and rattling chain links, gusts of slow cymbal shimmer and black kosmische fog, and the closing track ventures even deeper into those vast cosmic electronics, becoming a billowing cumulus of hellish brass and woodwinds, tumbling in slow motion through the yawning black void of the "Dark Rift" like a dark jazz album that has been chopped and screwed into monstrous ritualistic ambience. These drones have a vast, cavernous sound heavily influenced by the bleakest Lustmord albums, but those ghostly, vaporous incantations and the glacial orchestral tones transform this into something that's a whole lot closer in feel to the occult black drift of Zero Kama, Emme Ya, Funerary Call, Aghast and Aymrev Erkroz Prevre. Really impressive." - Crucial Blast


released December 21, 2012



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